10 Items That You Should Never Store In Your Garage

March 10, 2017

Neighborhood Garage Door of Stamford has a few suggestions of things you shouldn’t store in your garage. These items are best left i other parts of your home.

Most likely your garage is being used for all kinds of things from protecting your car from the elements or being used as storage for items that you don’t use a whole lot. Their are some items that are perfectly fine being stored in your garage but then their are other things that are a big no no to be stored in the garage. Here we have provided you with a list of 10 items that you should never, ever store within your garage.


Food can attract all sorts of insects as well as rodents too. So you will want to avoid storing any kind of food products in your garage if you want to avoid any unwanted critters.

Items That Are Used Daily

For the items that you use on a daily basis you will want to keep them handy and accessible to you. By keeping these items out of the garage that helps to free up space that you can use to store something else.


These kinds of beverages should be kept inside of a refrigerator to keep them cool and temperature level. Keeping these drinks in the garage is not good for them due to the varying temperatures of the garage.


Do not store paintings of any kind in the garage. If these paintings are valuable or if they mean anything to you at all and you don’t want them ruined then keep them out of the garage. By keeping them in the garage they are exposed to all different kinds of temperatures and wetness, this will ruin them.

Important Documents

Important documents should be stored in a safe and secure place inside of your home. If these things get ruined then they are lost forever and are very hard to replace if they can be replaced at all.


Photos need to be stored in a safe, cool and dry place that will not expose them to sunlight or moisture. These different temperature and elements can ruin precious photos that you may never be able to reprint. So keep these memories alive by keeping them in the house.

Sensitive Clothing Items

Sensitive clothing can be destroyed by being in extreme temperatures while being stored in the garage. Sensitive clothing needs to be kept in your closet not in the garage.

Wooden Furniture

If you want to save your furniture for use at a later time and date then do not store it in the garage. The wood will expand and contract with the change of the temperature, this will eventually ruin your furniture making it unable to use.


Paint needs be kept indoors because if it is stored in the garage it will eventually go bad. So store any of your leftover paint in the house and make sure that it is covered up and is air tight.

Propane Tanks

Keeping anything flammable such as propane tanks in your garage is very dangerous. These kinds of items need to be stored somewhere that is away from your garage as well as your house.
Garage Door Services of Stamford Connecticut realizes that you may store a lot of items inside of your garage Most of us just toss things inside the garage to get them out of the house and we don’t think about it. Well we are here to remind you to stop and think about what you are putting in there before you store it.