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Fremont’s Trusted Garage Door Repair & Installation Team

Garage Door Services of Fremont, California is an experienced team of individuals who is devoted to meeting the overhead garage door needs of Alameda County.  We have coordinated services to provide the best quality of care at affordable costs.  As a locally operated and owned company, we enjoy using our familiarity with this area to offer repairs and services specific to our location.  Over twenty years of overhead door business is naturally a part of every service we give to our customers.  

100%Customer Satisfaction Is Our Guarantee

We are staffed with professional phone support team members and certified technicians. These experts are on call 24/7 to assist with garage door issues.  Day or night-even on weekends-we are available for all garage door situations, even emergencies.  These extra services are given for your benefit with no extra charge to you.  We value and respect all of our customers and want you to get the best care out there.  

Professional Phone Support To Answer Your Call

During your phone conversation with a customer service representative, you will get the information needed to make a wise choice about your garage door when you speak with one of our phone representatives.  It is during your phone consultation that you can schedule a service, repair, or installation appointment.  

Certified Technicians Who Can Get The Job Done

A tech, who is certified to service all makes and models of garage doors, will contact you about 30 minutes before scheduled appointment.  This tech will verify your address information to deliver ontime care.  You are guaranteed courteous care from all of our team members.
We have several discounts that are able to be used each day.  Discuss these deals with a phone rep to learn more.  
Examples of these discounts are:

  • $100 Off Single Garage Doors
  • $125 Off New Garage Door Openers
  • $75 Off Any Repair (with purchase of parts

Specialist Care For Your Garage Door

A garage door system and its many parts are closely assessed during your service appointment to figure out the best services for a safe door. Our team is dedicated to correcting your overhead door problem. Our lifetime warranties ensure effective and safe garage door use for years to come.  Our techs only use industry leading equipment and hardware to heighten your benefits.  

New Garage Door Installments

Need a new garage door for a decent cost?  Looking for dependable facts about garage door parts?  Talk to any of our staff members who will gladly give you the resources you need to resolve your garage door issues.

Fremont Area Garage Door Services

Located in Alameda County, our entire company is prepared to solve your garage door problem.  If your home is around Coyote Hills Regional Park or Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife, we can give same day service. Bay Area residents can trust our regular and custom service options.

For More Information, Call Our Team Today

Do not wait any longer to figure out your overhead garage door concerns.  Local garage door and service company in Fremont will help you attain your garage door goals.

Common Questions We Receive 

When you have questions we have answers. Some of the most commonly asked questions are here to help you.

1. Will My Garage Door Work Without Electricity?

If the power goes out you might wonder will I be able to get my car out of the garage and go to work? Yes, you can! Many of the new garage door openers have battery backups in case of a power outage. If you do not have a battery backup just pull your emergency release cord and you can open your garage door manually.

2. Can Garage Door Sensors Go Bad?

Garage door sensors can go bad and there’s a few ways to tell if you need to replace them. One of the more obvious symptoms is that your garage door is not closing all the way. If a sensor is missing or damaged of course it needs to be replaced. Some flashing garage door opener lights signify a defective eye sensor.

3. Why Do Garage Door Springs Break?

Over time, garage door springs deal with a lot of daily wear and tear. Just like anything else it needs maintenance and replacement. The most common reason garage doors break is due to regular wear and tear. The second is a lack of upkeep like greasing the parts of your garage door. Over time they will rust and are more prone to break. 

4. What Are Garage Door Springs?

Garage door springs assist the garage door opener in lifting and lowering the garage door. It helps as a counterbalance so that the garage door does not slam down or fly up too quickly.

5. Can Garage Door Openers Be Hacked?

Yes,  Garage doors can be hacked but they are much safer than they were in prior years. There are many safeguards in place to prevent hacking. Make sure that you have a lock on the door inside your garage. Change your password frequently and give a guest password out to family or friends who are visiting.

6. Can Garage Door Openers Overheat?

Garage door openers can definitely overheat although it is not common. If you are continuously opening or closing your garage door within a 15 minute period the automatic thermal overload will engage and turn off the garage door.


Our technicians in Fremont proudly service all of the areas of Alameda County. In 1846, John C. Fremont, led a military expedition to map a trail leading through Mission Pass. His intention was to reach the Pacific coast to take possession of California from Mexico for the United states. The city of Fremont was named in John C. Fremont’s honor. As a suburb of the greater San Francisco Bay area, we are honored to be one of the leading businesses in Fremont and our team is here to meet the needs of all of our customers in and around the city.


Our office is easy to find, just near Knoll Park, and our technicians provide service to the neighborhoods surrounding Fremont Main Library and John F. Kennedy High School. Our experienced team is equipped to come to you and will be happy to meet all of your needs the same day. We are also now serving the nearby cities of: Pleasonton, Milpitas and Union City.


While our technicians are busy taking care of all your needs, make sure to see all that Fremont has to offer. Take the family by Aqua Adventure Waterpark, or enjoy a show at the Broadway West Theatre Company. You’re sure to find something to do for everyone and we are sure our team will do all it takes to make you happy.

If you’re new to the area, check out the following resources:


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positive reviews

They sent Doug Fussell out to my house on the day after Christmas! I had only called them three days before! Doug was a premier technician, very thorough and very efficient. I expected him to take two days, since he was replacing two doors and adding openers on each door. He only took the daylight hours of one day! I could not believe how fast he was! In addition, he thoroughly taught me how to use the remote openers. I highly recommend them to anyone!
~Donald B.

positive reviews

We just bought a home and this company was so understanding as I had to change the appointment time a few times. Then the tech came out and was so kind and helpful. I could not have asked for a better experience and will suggest them to anyone who needs work done on their garage door!
~Tammy K.

positive reviews

My garage door broke on a Saturday night as I was getting ready to leave for a holiday party. Kelvin was here within 30 minutes. He reviewed everything with me that was happening with my door. He gave me the estimates of what was immediately needed to be done in order for my door to raise and then what I will need to have done very soon. I could see all the problems he pointed out to me and I decided to have everything done. He completed everything that night. I was very satisfied with Kelvin’s professionalism and the work he did. Thank you again.
~Joyce N

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