Cleaning Your Epoxy Garage Floor

February 13, 2018

At Neighborhood Garage Door Service of Indianapolis, IN, we’ve been talking about epoxy garage floors as a great option for reinforcing your floor and protecting it for years to come. We’re assuming at this point in the series that you decided to go ahead and upgrade to this excellent flooring solution. Now it’s time to talk about maintaining by cleaning your epoxy garage floor.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

The best way to keep your garage floor looking great throughout the lifetime of your garage is to do regular cleaning. Anytime you’re doing a lot of work in there, you should always end by cleaning up and sweeping the floor. Try to put down cardboard when changing vehicle oil to prevent spills and clean up and spills right away when they do inevitably happen. In addition, you should try to give a basic cleaning once a month to prevent staining and build-up of dirt.

Get the Floor Ready for Deep-cleaning

If you haven’t been keeping up with regular cleaning, don’t worry, you can still do some periodic deep-cleaning. Get ready by clearing out your garage. If you can’t empty the whole thing, try shifting everything to one side and cleaning half at a time.

Then, you’re going to want to do a really good sweep to get up all the dirt, leaves, and other junk that accumulates. Get the corners really good, and really use some elbow grease to get it thoroughly clean. As an added preparation, give it a light mopping and let it dry.

Choose Your Products

It’s important to get a product that will really get your floors clean each time your deep-clean. Two of the best products are CLR™ and Simple Green™. Simple Green™ does as it says, providing a simple deep cleaning that gets rid of stains and build-up. CLR™ is designed to breakdown calcium, lime, and rust as it cleans, removing bigger mineral deposits.

Before really going to town on the floor, test your product of choice on a hidden spot in case it causes any damage. Apply the cleaner, scrub it, and rinse it well. Let it air dry for a few minutes and see if any discoloration appears. Once you get a good result, it’s time to get down to work.


Put on some basic protective gloves and non-slip shoes for safety. Mix your cleaning product according to the label in a bucket. Apply it to the flooring and give it a scrub with a non-abrasive deck brush, or maybe even a mop.

Rinse and Dry

Garden Equipment Hose Lawn Summer Concrete Green


Take a hose and thoroughly rinse the floor, preferably down your floor drain. If you have a floor squeegee, use it for extra drying. Then let it air dry, which will likely take an hour or more.

We’re Here to Serve

Neighborhood Garage Door Service of Indianapolis, Indiana is here to help you with all your garage door needs you may notice while cleaning your epoxy garage floor. Call us anytime for service. Our technician will be on site quickly to help you out.