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Garage Door Terminology


A device that connects an extension spring to a pulley that can also be used with other door related hardware

Safety Bottom and Corner Bracket

See Broken Cable Device

Safety Bottom Fixture

See Broken Cable Device

Safety Cable

A cable that retains the springs if they break

Safety Spring Containment/Kit

See Safety Cable

Sash/Sash Muntin

A framework that is used to hold glass panels in glass windowed garage doors


A door size, SC means “single car”

Scarf Joint

The combining of lumber and joining pieces using glue or pinning

Screw Joint

A cap that hides the screw and increases the doors appearance


Cutting the bottom door rail so it matches the style and color of the floor


See Escutcheon


A component that increases the width of a garage doors opening that is usually joined together by hinges

Section Meeting Rail Seal

A weather seal that is located between door sections

Sectional Door Switch

A switch that can disable the operating of the door to prevent damage to the door and operator

Sensing Edge

A 2-wire electric edge that may be used as ancillary protection devices


See Maintenance


Is an acronym for “single glazed”

Shaft Bearing

A bearing that maintains the torsion shaft alignment to reduce the amount of friction

Sheave Fork

A device that attaches the sheave to extension springs

Shiplap Section Joint

A joint interface that moves from one level to another level from the front of the door to the back

Shoe Molding

See Quarter Round

Shop Drawings

Drawings of the plans, section, size and details of a garage door that is created by the manufacturer and given to architect-engineers


See Decal

Side Bearing Plate

See End Bearing Plate

Side Seal

See Stop Mould


The measurement from one side of a door opening to the nearest obstruction

Single Door

Commonly used to refer to smaller width doors

Single Strength Glass/Thick Glass

A type of sheet glass that is commonly used in glazing sashes

Single-Button Remote Control

A remote that can close or open your garage door or operate the lights from the safety of your vehicle


The slope of a roof


See Bow

Snap Latch

See Automatic glass

Solar Glass

Tinted glass

Solenoid Brake

A heavy-duty actuated brake

Solid Rail

A rail that is made with a continuous piece of lumber that doesn’t have finger joints

Solid Shaft

A steel rod that supports the torsion springs. It is attached to the wall and when a chain hoist is used it is attached to the steel shaft

Special Door

A door that must be custom manufactured or specified


The quantity and types of material that is to be used in the construction of a garage door

Splice Plate

Plate that is used for the attachment of track at the junction


* Anchor – See Center Bearing Bracket
* Anchor Bracket – See Center Bearing Bracket
* Anchor Cone – See Stationary Cone
* Anchor Plate – See Center Bearing Bracket
* Assembly – See Torsion Spring Assembly
* Assembly Closed Wound – A torsion spring that has no gaps between the coils
* Assembly Open Wound – A torsion springs with equal gaps between each coil
* Balance – The number of turns required to counterbalance the door
* Constant – A formula used to describe the wire size and coil diameter combination
* Containment Device – See Containment Cable
* Fitting – A plug that is used to adapt the torsion spring to the torsion shaft or the center bearing bracket. The piece is a stationary cone
* Hook – See S-Hook
* Latch Hook – See Automatic Latch
* Pad – A pad that is installed on the header above the door that anchors the center bearing bracket. It can be mounted in different locations
* Plug – See Spring Fitting
* Retainer – See Spring Fitting
* Winding Cone – See Winding Plug

Square Key

See Key

Standard Headroom/Sideroom

See Headroom/Sideroom

Stationary Bearing Retainer

See Stationary Cone

Stationary Plug

See Stationary Cone

Stationary Sleeve

See Stationary Cone

Stationary Spring Cone

See Stationary Cone

Steel End Caps

Caps that are installed on the end of the panels that can be used with single or double hinges

Steel Jamb

A door frame that is created by a channel or angle iron

Steel Jamb Mounted

A tracking system that is created to mount a steel jamb

Step Down Plate

A way to close a sectional door during its last few inches of closing

Step/Lift Plate

A part that can be used as a step down plate or a lift handle that manually operates a sectional door


A vertical reinforcement member that is a part of a section

Stile-and-Rail Garage Door

A garage door that has sections each made up of horizontal rails and a vertical stile structure framing member

Stock Door

A standard size door that is typically kept in the inventory at either a distributor or factory warehouse


See Stop Mould

Stop Mould

This serves to seal the perimeter of a door so weather and light doesn’t enter the garage

Stop Moulding

See Stop Mould


See Striker Plate

Striker Plate

A plate that is used with a locking system to secure a lock mechanism


A support stiffener that reduces the deflection of the door sections when in the open position

Sway Brace

See Angle Brace

Sway Strap

See Angle Brace


See Trajectory

Swing-Away Post

A removable post that is attached at the top and can be pivoted out of the way

Swing-up Post

See Swing-Away Post

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They sent Doug Fussell out to my house on the day after Christmas! I had only called them three days before! Doug was a premier technician, very thorough and very efficient. I expected him to take two days, since he was replacing two doors and adding openers on each door. He only took the daylight hours of one day! I could not believe how fast he was! In addition, he thoroughly taught me how to use the remote openers. I highly recommend them to anyone!
~Donald B.

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We just bought a home and this company was so understanding as I had to change the appointment time a few times. Then the tech came out and was so kind and helpful. I could not have asked for a better experience and will suggest them to anyone who needs work done on their garage door!
~Tammy K.

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My garage door broke on a Saturday night as I was getting ready to leave for a holiday party. Kelvin was here within 30 minutes. He reviewed everything with me that was happening with my door. He gave me the estimates of what was immediately needed to be done in order for my door to raise and then what I will need to have done very soon. I could see all the problems he pointed out to me and I decided to have everything done. He completed everything that night. I was very satisfied with Kelvin’s professionalism and the work he did. Thank you again.
~Joyce N

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