How to Combat Mold in Your Garage

March 12, 2017

Neighborhood Garage Door Services of Austin, Texas is the only call you have to make in order to have all your garage door needs met. We have a team of certified technicians that make repairs or installations happen quickly for you. Our techs provide fast, friendly, and accurate service. We have over 20 years of industry experience and take great pride in serving our valued customers.

As a company, we enjoy educating homeowners on how to keep their garage in the best shape possible. One thing you should watch for is mold in your garage and on your garage door. We’ve worked with many customers to be proactive against mold and even helped them to combat a problem that has already occurred.

Potential for Mold

Mold is alive and well in moist, dark and unvented areas. This means your garage may be susceptible to the potential for mold. No need to be alarmed. Mold is a common issue in homes and garages but there are some things that can help it to be less of an issue.  Routinely inspect your garage for any signs of mold in order to ensure an issue does not arise.

Mold Prevention

In order to prevent mold, we strongly encourage you to reduce your moisture levels in your garage. The goal is to have it be a well-ventilated area so that mold won’t grow.

A few ideas to consider include:

  •        Add a dehumidifier to your garage
  •        Consider opening windows or doors to help with air flow.
  •        If you can open any blinds or drapes to let the sun shine in, then that will help.
  •        Keep your garage in good repair to prevent leakage.

Garages that are made of metal tend to have fewer issues with mold. However, you can still take steps listed above to reduce the moisture in your garage space.

Mold Removal

Neighborhood Garage Door Services of Austin, Texas is happy to help you with mold removal or directing you to the right professional to contact. Typically, we encourage our customers to consult a professional when it comes to the removal of mold. There are safety concerns that can arise if you are unfamiliar with contaminated areas.

Mold can cause serious health issues. Some people are more sensitive to contaminants than others. You will want to be cautious if you encounter mold until it can be removed.

If you find mold in your garage, it will be easier to remove than from other areas in your home. The goal to keep in mind is safety first. The next important step is to be sure you remove the mold properly and a professional will be trained and skilled to do that very thing.

Mold Proof Garage Option

How to prevent mold in the garage

In the event that you plan to build a new garage, you can try to mold proof it from the beginning. A few things to consider are metal studs and pre-coated aluminum or vinyl siding. These materials will eliminate the chances of mold growth. Further, you won’t have to deal with wood materials and the pests that cause them damage over time.

Neighborhood Garage Door Services of Austin, Texas sincerely wants to help answer any of your questions regarding mold prevention or any other garage door need. We have a highly skilled group of technicians that will provide you with outstanding customer service.
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