Should You Install Your Own Epoxy Garage Floor?

February 12, 2018

Most garages simply have a concrete slab for flooring, which is fine for housing vehicles, but not so much for other uses. Carpet isn’t really a practical alternative, and wood should be avoided completely. Neighborhood Garage Door Service of Austin, TX wants to suggest that you consider an epoxy floor. This raises the question, should you install your own epoxy garage floor?

How Much Time Do You Have?

No home improvement project ever goes according to the original plan because problems arise that you didn’t foresee. Even in ideal conditions, putting down an epoxy floor takes between 1-4 days. You may have a day or even a weekend for a project like this, but do you have the better part of a week?

What’s the Condition of Your Concrete?

Part of the decision about whether you should DIY this project is the shape of your existing garage floor. Is your floor fairly new and free of stains and cracks? Or is it, as is more likely, old & chalky with cracks throughout and a rusted out floor drain?

As mentioned above, you never know what you’re going to run into with a home improvement project. You may think there’s a small crack in your floor that turns out to be much larger when you attempt repairs. If it’s overly chalky and powdery, a mild acid will need to be applied to clean up the surface. Are you ready to handle that?

Epoxy, or Polyurea?

We’re speaking of epoxy garage flooring fairly generically because there are actually two options you can go with. There are epoxy floors as well as polyurea, which is more durable but also more expensive. There are other factors that will go into you making this foundational decision.

A professional can guide you on this decision by giving you all the information you need to make the best choice. They’ll not only get you up to speed on these two options, but they can also discuss options like color, texture, and more. If you decide to go with polyurea, a professional installation company will have an easier time sourcing the materials.

Warranty On Work

Generally speaking, a professional flooring company will produce better results because of their years of experience and training. Even if you are able to approximate their quality, any problems that arise in the coming years will be your sole responsibility. The best installation companies out there will usually guarantee their work on your floor for up to 20 years. The peace of mind this can give you can outweigh the cost-benefit all on its own.

Call Us For Any Garage Door Repair Needs

Whether you decide to install your own epoxy garage floor or not, Neighborhood Garage Door Service of Austin, Texas is here to help you with your other needs. We’re available 24/7 to provide you with excellent service on your garage door needs. Give us a call as soon as you begin experiencing problems and we’ll be there right away.