What’s New in the Neighborhood?

Host A Money-making Garage Sale

April 19, 2017

It’s that time of the year again! Spring has sprung and everyone’s knocking down the cobwebs and clearing out the junk. Neighborhood Garage Door Service of San Diego, CA knows that your garage isn’t just for storing a car anymore. It often becomes a catch-all for the things that we need out of our way.… read more

Levels of Garage Door Insulation

April 18, 2017

Our technicians at Neighborhood Garage Door Service of San Jose, California get all kinds of questions about picking the right garage door. There are many factors that go into the decision. One of the key components is the level of garage door insulation you need. But why is this so important? What’s at stake? Before… read more

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing Garage Door Opener for Your Home

April 17, 2017

Neighborhood Garage Door Service of Denver, CO is a full-service resource for all your garage door needs. Whether you need inspections, repairs, replacements, or installations, we have you covered. One area where we can help you is picking the right garage door opener model for your home. There are three basic components that you need… read more

Always Start With The Garage Door When Revamping Your Home

April 16, 2017

Neighborhood Garage Door Services of The Bay Area, CA knows that your garage door can be a statement to your style and even your sense of security. The garage door is also the biggest moving object on the exterior of the home and therefore is also the biggest eye catcher. So when updating the look of… read more

Avoiding Common Garage Door Injuries to Kids

April 15, 2017

Neighborhood Garage Door Services of Houston, Texas leads the industry when it comes to garage door repairs, total installations and routine maintenance needs. We provide the best customer service and only hire certified technicians. Our team is available to make fast repairs and offers 24/7 service. As a company, our goal is to share tips… read more

How To Give Your Garage Door New Life

April 13, 2017

Sometimes when we are tired or just need a little pick me up, a nice makeover can do the job and make us feel rejuvenated. It can help to keep us looking and feeling fresh and current. The appearance of our home as well as our garage doors may also sometimes need a little TLC… read more

Can I Write Off My Garage As a Business Expense?

April 12, 2017

Neighborhood Garage Door Service of Houston, TX is not a tax service and the contents of this article are not to be taken as professional counsel. Please consult a tax professional before deciding to write off your garage as a business expense. Garages aren’t just for cars anymore At one time, a garage was simply… read more

Save Garage Space by Installing a Bike Hanger

April 10, 2017

It doesn’t matter how much space a garage has, we always find a way fill it. We stuff it full of yard tools, riding mowers, old car parts, paint cans, toys, and more. Some of these items can be stored more efficiently. For example, Neighborhood Garage Door Service of Portland, OR recommends that you save… read more

The Dangers of an Old Garage Door

April 9, 2017

Neighborhood Garage Door Services of Stamford, Connecticut has been around for more than two decades. We proudly serve our customers and have appreciated repeat business over the years.  Our team is able to handle any type of garage door repair or installation need that you may have for your home. We only hire certified technicians… read more

Get To Know Your Garage Floor Drain

April 8, 2017

Some of our greatest assets can be right under our nose.  Neighborhood Garage Door Service of Charlotte, NC knows that one of these assets is a good garage floor drain. It’s one of those things we often don’t notice, unless it’s not working properly. If you’ve just noticed you don’t have one, you might find… read more