How To Organize A Garage Sale

January 12, 2018

Neighborhood Garage Door Service of Raleigh, NC knows how easy it is for your garage to get overrun with all your stuff. It can be hard to throw things out and easy to simply let them pile up. If this describes your situation, it’s probably time to organize a garage sale! Use this checklist to help you have the most successful one possible.

Get Ready For Your Garage Sale

prepare for your garage sale

Never underestimate how much time and preparation it takes to organize a garage sale. You need to start by organizing the garage itself: sorting everything and deciding what to discard, what to donate, what to keep and store. Once you’ve done that, you need to sort and price everything you’ve decided to sell.

To save time later on, go ahead and mark your prices on the items you’re selling. Use stickers or tags and write the price clearly in a black magic marker so they’re easy to see. Make sure you gather small change for your customers and put it in a bag or cash box.

Organize The Neighbors

Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd! Ask your neighbors to coordinate their garage sale with yours so that there are lots of items for buyers to choose from. This will create an exciting atmosphere and a bit of spectacle to draw in plenty of people.

Promote Well

A week or so before the big day, start putting out posters and generating interest through social media. Use a large, wide-tipped marker to create thick lettering on your posters and put them at busy intersections nearby. Post info on local Facebook groups to help spread the word, and encourage your neighbors to do the same. Don’t overlook the power of old-school media either – put out a classified ad.

Execute the Plan

garage sale plan in action

After weeks of planning and organizing, you should be more than ready to have a great day and make lots of deals. Set up bright and early so you can make sure to catch the very early wave of garage sale buyers. Display your items on tables and if you can, hang up any clothing you’re selling. Make sure everything is clearly visible and set up to be attractive.

Don’t forget that the main reason you’re having this sale is to help clear out your garage and get more organized. Therefore, don’t worry too much about getting every possible penny for a given item. Be flexible on price. Towards the end of the day, you may even consider a fire sale to get rid of as many items as possible before the buyers dry up.

Contact Us To Finish The Garage

Now that you know how to organize a garage sale, you should be able to clear out and organize your garage space. You may be using it more often now and realizing it needs a bit of work. Call Neighborhood Garage Door Service of Raleigh, North Carolina today if you’re ready to upgrade your garage door and improve the look of your space.