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Lodi's Trusted Garage Door Repair & Installation Team

Garage Door Repair in Lodi, CA is a family owned and operated company that has been providing quality overhead door repair for over 20 years in the Phoenix area. Our company’s number one goal is to provide the best possible customer service to our clients. We offer competitve prices and quality work that won’t be able to find anywhere else.

We Can Install Your Brand New Overhead Door

When your home needs an updated look, we know that a new overhead door will be just what you need. We can install a custom brand new overhead door for you in no time. All of our new door installations include rust resistant hardware from top brands.
Upon hiring our company, you will be able to take advantage of some really great offers for your new overhead door installation. We offer competitive prices on industry leading equipment, keeping the job affordable for our customers.
Some of the specials you can take advantage of are:

  • $100 Off New Single garage doors
  • $200 Off New Double Garage Doors
  • $125 Off New Garage Door Openers

We also have a great selection of custom door options available to you as well.

Repair Services for Your Overhead Door Parts

Everyday weather exposure along with normal wear and tear can cause garage door parts to break or corrode over time. We know that having a broken garage door can become very problematic for you and your family.
We understand how important it is to have these repairs fixed as soon as possible. We also know that it’s important for your overhead door parts to last for many years to come, so we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our services and repairs for all makes and models.
Some of the repair services we offer include:

  • Damaged Panels
  • Doors of Tracks
  • Broken Springs
  • Safety Eye Sensors

Our quality service ensures you will never have to stress about your garage door ever again.

Staff that is Knowledgeable and Courteous

We have a knowledgeable staff who is always ready to take your call and offer you professional phone support whenever you need it. Our certified technicians are ready to be dispatched to your home within an hour from the time you call. Rain or shine, our professionals will be at your door quickly, and always on time.
We offer flexible hours to make it possible for you to reach us anytime of day. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call, and do not charge extra for nights or weekends. We also offer emergency services as well.

Overhead Door Services in Lodi, CA

Our company has certified technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the Phoenix and surrounding areas. Within an hour from the time you call we can have a technician installing or repairing your garage door anywhere in the San Joaquin County area. It doesn’t matter if you live near Lodi Memorial Hospital or the Lodi Transit Center
Our company is available to solve all of your overhead door needs anywhere in San Joaquin County whenever you need us. We also provide services for Solano, El Dorado, Sacramento, and Yolo Counties as well.

Call Us Today For a Perfect Blend of Quality and Value

It’s our company’s mission to provide nothing short of 100% customer satisfaction. You will not find better value for your money anywhere else. Our services are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Call us today for a perfect blend of quality and value.

Garage Door Repair Coupon
100 Dollars Off New Single Garage Doors
$125 Off New Garage Door Opener
$200 Off New Double Garage Doors


Our professional team of technicians is pleased to serve the garage door needs of Lodi, California, which is in San Joaquin County and a suburb of Sacramento.  
We have a group of certified techs that offer the best customer service in the industry. You’ll be pleased you chose us to handle your garage door installation, repair or maintenance need. The motto in Lodi is “Livable, Lovable, Lodi.” We agree that this is an awesome area to serve.

Ease of Location

Our team in Lodi is located not far from Sacramento. No matter your location, we are here to serve you and within an hour of your call. Our techs are very familiar with the area and travel throughout the neighborhoods of Lodi to assist our customers. We promise to help you the same day you call.

Our Lodi Recommendations

Leave your garage door needs to us. Go and enjoy some of what Lodi has to offer and we will complete the work you’ve hired us to do. Our team encourages you to check out Klinker Brick Winery and World of Wonders Science Museum. We will handle your garage door while you enjoy the Lodi and Sacramento areas.
If you’re new to town, here are some helpful local resources:

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positive reviews

They sent Doug Fussell out to my house on the day after Christmas! I had only called them three days before! Doug was a premier technician, very thorough and very efficient. I expected him to take two days, since he was replacing two doors and adding openers on each door. He only took the daylight hours of one day! I could not believe how fast he was! In addition, he thoroughly taught me how to use the remote openers. I highly recommend them to anyone!
~Donald B.

positive reviews

We just bought a home and this company was so understanding as I had to change the appointment time a few times. Then the tech came out and was so kind and helpful. I could not have asked for a better experience and will suggest them to anyone who needs work done on their garage door!
~Tammy K.

positive reviews

My garage door broke on a Saturday night as I was getting ready to leave for a holiday party. Kelvin was here within 30 minutes. He reviewed everything with me that was happening with my door. He gave me the estimates of what was immediately needed to be done in order for my door to raise and then what I will need to have done very soon. I could see all the problems he pointed out to me and I decided to have everything done. He completed everything that night. I was very satisfied with Kelvin’s professionalism and the work he did. Thank you again.
~Joyce N

We Service All Makes and Models of Garage Doors and Openers