Securing Your Garage Before Going On Vacation

March 13, 2017

Neighborhood Garage Door Services has a few ideas of how you can secure your garage door before going on vacation.

Before heading out to the airport to start a much needed vacation, be sure that you have everything all tied up and safe at home before you leave. Some things to think about before leaving is your mail service, who will take care of your plants and/or animals and also making sure that your house as well as your garage is locked up tight and is safe and secure. The best way to keep your garage and home secure is by paying close attention to a few specific key items.

Have Reliable Locks

Safeguard a garage door

A garage door can be very enticing to some burglars, many garage doors can be very easy to get into if you know what you are doing. Try securing the garage door by disabling your electric door opener, or you could also install a padlock onto the latch of the overhead garage door. Also you can make the garage door impossible for anyone to open by putting a bolt through one of the holes in the doors track.

Proper Lighting

Having motion activated lights on the outside of your garage will help to keep intruders away, they want a dark private area to where they cannot be seen or identified. You may also want to put your garages light on a timer to where the light goes on and off at certain times of the day and night. This gives people the illusion that someone is at home and in the garage.


Try to make your windows of your garage less penetrable by installing some metal bars on the interior of the window. Also Try adding some window film or some blinds to your garages windows. This helps to keep all kinds of people from being able to look inside your garage and seeing what you have in there.

Enlist The Help Of Friends Or Neighbors

Have a neighbor or a friend that you trust to keep an eye on your house while you are away on vacation. Have them come by and check on the house at different times of the day to help give the appearance that their is some at home at all times of the day.

Security Cameras

Security camera should be installed on your garage

Installing a security camera close by the entrances of of your garage will allow you to be able to monitor things even while you’re far away. So in case their is an intrusion to the garage you will be able to see exactly what happened and be able to provide footage to the police to identify the suspect.

Security Apps For Smartphones

These apps are available for download on most devices and they will allow you to get real time notifications. This way if there is any kind of a breach to the security of your garage or home you can contact the police right away and inform the of what happened, all while you are away from home.

Garage Door Services of Fort Worth, Texas wants you to have peace of mind that all is safe while you are away. By following all or even just some of the ideas that we listed here you will be at ease knowing that your garage is safe and secure while no one is at home.