Use An Epoxy Floor Covering To Upgrade Your Garage Floor

February 12, 2018

Today, Neighborhood Garage Door Service of San Antonio, TX begins a 3-part series on how to use an epoxy floor covering to upgrade your garage floor. We’ll cover the basic process, whether you should use a professional company, and how to clean it once it’s installed. As for today, come check out how the overall installation will work.


First, the existing concrete flooring will need to be evaluated to decide what work will need to be done in preparation. Check the concrete for a chalky residue, large cracks and gaps, porosity, and moisture content. The result of these evaluations will determine how long the preparation process will take.


Now that you know what kind of preparation is necessary, it’s time to actually get to work. We’re going to assume all the evaluations above yielded sub-par results and go from there. If you find a chalky residue on the floor, apply a mild acid solution to get down to the healthier cement.

Low porosity means that you need to use a diamond grinder to get the kind of pores needed for the epoxy to attach to. Large cracks and gaps require you to cut out, filled, and sanded flush with the existing floor. If the moisture content is too high, a waterproof barrier needs to be placed on top of the prepped concrete to prevents seepage.


It’s important to not get in over your head when laying out the new epoxy and trying to tackle everything all at once. Map out the floor and divide it into 4-6 equal sections so that you can lay them down one at a time. Measure everything out and use a pencil to mark of the various sections so that you can keep track of your progress as you go. Remember that the epoxy takes 24-48 hours to set up, depending on the atmospheric conditions.


Epoxy and polyurea will both stand up well to heavy equipment and parking vehicles in your garage. However,  if you’re looking to use your garage as a living space, you may want to finish off the flooring with a little more flair. Install PVC baseboards and quarter-round to give the edges of the floor a nice polished and flush look. This will also allow you to seal the walls and floor joint to prevent any bugs from getting easy access to your walls.

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